Trusted 7-Step System for Job Search Success

Get from here to hired (and happy again!) in a fraction of the time

Ready to say goodbye to job search frustration and win more interviews?

Guess what? By following the proven techniques of a top-level careers expert, you can!

You're probably skeptical. And that's understandable.

After spending hours spinning your wheels, submitting resumes on job boards, and trying to navigate the ever-changing job market with no callbacks or interviews, you're ready to give up the search and stay put.

But you're not happy. It might be the hours, the commute, the salary, or the work environment - but you’re less than satisfied and want to find a new position that's more fulfilling and financially rewarding. And you should.

You deserve to be happy.

You deserve to have a job that utilizes your talents and rewards you and your family with a better lifestyle.

The problem is – you haven't looked for a job in years and don't know where to start. Not to mention, you're busy working and living life. Who has time to figure out all the intricacies of the crazy job market, right? So, your job search gets pushed until next week, next month, next year, "when you have some extra time."

Or maybe you started the search, then got so confused by all the conflicting information that you threw in the towel.

Either way…you're at a standstill, doing the same thing you've been doing for years, feeling like nothing can or will change... and here's the bad news:

Nothing will change unless you change it.

You can keep wasting your time and energy trying to navigate the job market on your own, losing potential income by the day.

Or…you can get invaluable guidance from an industry expert with a long track record of helping clients land their dream jobs and make more money.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Get expert guidance that helps shorten your search and make money faster
  • Have an industry expert walk you through the job search process step-by-step
  • Take your job search from stressful to successful in a fraction of the time
  • Land the job you've been dreaming of so you can live the life you deserve

Ready for the good news? You can achieve ALL of this without spending your next month's salary on personal coaching.

Here's the secret:

The 7 Steps to Job Search Success Online School

These online courses utilize the highly successful methodologies and tools I've been using with my private clients for years. Resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, interviewing: I cover everything job search-related, so you can stop spinning your wheels and go from here to hired in less time.

Curious about my qualifications? Since becoming a professional resume writer in 2004, I've risen to the top of the profession. I've earned three certifications, including one of the industry's most prestigious, have been nominated by my peers for an industry award, and have been asked repeatedly to serve as a judge for the leading annual resume competition. That doesn't even include years of hands-on experience in a New York City executive search firm placing candidates just like you.

I've taken all the knowledge and experience I've used to help hundreds of professionals find new jobs and created online courses to help you navigate your search and land a job faster.

Through these courses, I'll teach you how to:

  1. Develop an effective resume and cover letter.
  2. Update your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Network like a boss – since most people find new jobs through networking.
  4. Manage your online reputation to build up your expertise status, clean up your profiles, and learn how to push things down that you don't want to be found in order to make your online presence work for you, not against you.
  5. Know which job search strategies work in today's market – so you don't put all your eggs in one basket with online job boards that make you feel productive when you aren't.
  6. Prepare for your interviews with confidence so you ace them.
  7. Negotiate a strong salary and benefits package.

My process is systematic, thorough, and strategic. When it's followed, the results speak for themselves. Here's what some past clients have said:

"Wow! You made me look good! …Having your help on this was a huge stress relief for me."

"All I know is, after you rewrote my resume, I went from getting called for individual contributor jobs to executive-level jobs."

"I accepted an offer last week. By the end of my search, I had a few potential offers in the works… the resume definitely helped."

Are you ready to achieve that kind of success?

1st Step:

If your resume needs some attention, the first step is to enroll in my introductory Resume & Cover Letter Success course. This class will leave you with a finished resume and cover letter that highlight your professional strengths so you can immediately begin applying for new jobs.

2nd Step:

Once your key career documents are good to go, it's time to enroll in my signature course, 7 Steps to Job Search Success. With these techniques, you'll have companies calling you for an interview in record time.

Once enrolled in either course, you can access its content 24/7 on your phone, computer, or tablet, allowing you to move through the work on your timeframe.

Videos and transcripts are included for every lecture so you can access the information in the way that fits your schedule and preferences. You'll also have access to downloadable checklists, tip sheets, templates, and scripts.

These courses can be completed in a few ways. You can:

  • Complete the materials on your own
  • Upgrade to have your work reviewed by me, or
  • Add on an hour of 1:1 coaching time to give yourself an extra power-up.

Each course is structured to give you options and access to me when you need it. And you are always welcome to add on a work review or hour of coaching as you proceed through a course. There's no pressure to make a final decision when you register.

To get started on the road to job search success, click below to ENROLL TODAY!